Business continuity management at Macquarie

January 2020

Resilience at Macquarie

Macquarie acknowledges its fundamental obligation to staff, shareholders, regulators, client and counterparties, to remain sustainable in the case of an interruption to business or should an extraordinary event occur.

We have documented Crisis Management procedures and responsibilities, detailing communication and escalation processes in the event of a business or technology disruption (including cyber events or to suppliers), a disaster or an emerging pandemic threat. These procedures are exercised with executive and senior management on a regular basis.

Business and Technology Resilience planning is overseen centrally by Macquarie with each division appointing its own Resilience Manager, responsible for the coordination of the divisional resilience plan. These plans identify key personnel, their substitutes, recovery strategies and alternative recovery locations.

Testing of plans, systems and recovery locations is an integral component of Macquarie’s resilience program. Annual tests are conducted in all key locations, the scope of which includes building evacuations, recovery to alternate locations where appropriate, failover of technology systems/applications and general crisis management procedures.

Macquarie’s Resilience program is the subject of Frequent and regular reporting to the Resilience Steering Committee, Broad Risk Committee and regulatory bodies.


Tracey MacDonald
Global Head of Business Services


Ashley Cox
Global Head of Business Resilience